Chase 3000 Traffic Load

The following graphs show the load on the Chase 3000 system.  The graph is scalable so it changes to reflect the amount of traffic on the system.  Our system has a capacity of  700 Bytes per second.  The typical load on the system is between 100 Byts per second and usually peaks around 400 Bytes second.  In other words, our system runs around 15% of capacity and when it is really busy, gets up to about 55% of capacity.  The graph updates every 5 minutes.

Since we have put up these graphs there have been some questions.  The green shaded area is the amount of traffic leaving Chase 3000 and going out to the rest of the world.  The area below the blue line is the amount of traffic coming into us from the outside world.

Minute graph


Minute graph

Hourly graph

Monthly graph